STEP #1: GET STARTED IN OUR ACTIVE LEARNING CURRICULUM. The first step in our Active Learning Curriculum will be to download our Illustrator Brushes + Learning Module Resource Folders. Download and Extract each folder before selecting a Unit Block or starting on an Individual Learning Module. Troubleshooting: Try to avoid opening resources directly from the folder. We will go through how to place resources and open libraries in each Full-Length Learning Module on Teachable. Our Active Learning Curriculum on Teachable includes our (updated) 200 Illustrator Brushes as a Getting Started Bonus.

STEP #2: SELECT A WORKFLOW OR UNIT BLOCK TO START. Unit Blocks and Tool-Based Workflows are designed to get you Building in Adobe Illustrator Independently. Start with a Tool-Based Workflow to go through first, then add on our Text and Shape-Based Designs after completing the Initial Block. I have provided you with some different curriculum paths to take in our Getting Started Guide. You can plan a daily routine with our Modules or a weekly schedule using our Unit Blocks. Our Active Learning Curriculum on Teachable includes our Tool-Based Workflows, Unit Blocks, and Pro Series.

STEP #3: FOLLOW ALONG TO OUR 100 MODULES ON TEACHABLE. There are currently 100+ Full-Length Adobe Illustrator Tutorials, Challenges, and Tool-Based Workflows in our Active Learning Curriculum on Teachable. Each Full-Length Module is in our step-by-step or follow-along format. You can follow along within the Unit Block Pages or select an Individual Learning Module in your Enrolled In tab. If you are already Enrolled in our Active Learning Curriculum, you can Search the 100 Learning Modules by Tool-Based Workflow or Focus in your Enrolled In tab. Type: Pen, Pencil, Blob Brush, Text, or Shapes into the Search Bar (find). Modules will automatically be arranged from Easiest to More Challenging (per Unit Block). Our Active Learning Curriculum on Teachable includes our 100+ Full-Length Adobe Illustrator Modules.