STEP #1: DOWNLOAD OUR 200 ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR BRUSHES. Our (Updated) 200 Adobe Illustrator Brushes are specifically designed for Illustrators and Cartoonists to speed up their workflow. Download our Brush Libraries to follow along or use with your own artwork. * I have included our Resources (as a free bonus) to follow along with the 100 Tutorials Playlist on YouTube and 50 Step by Steps on the Website.

STEP #2: EXTRACT FOLDERS + SAVE BRUSHES. The first step is to download the Brushes Folders. They will come to you as a Zipped Folder. Once you have Downloaded and Extracted the Brushes Folders, the Brush Libraries are Ready to Use in Adobe Illustrator. You can open them directly through your Brushes Panel or Save them to your "User Defined."

STEP #3: APPLY + EDIT BRUSHES USING THE BRUSHES PANEL. If you are following along on YouTube, I recommend starting with our 100 Adobe Illustrator Beginner Tutorials Playlists. This list will focus on applying and editing the brushes before you move on to your own artwork. Practice using the Building Tools, Editing Options, and Basic Coloring Techniques in Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator Brush Libraries include our 70 Cartoon, 100 Comic Strip, and 50 Vintage Mascot Brushes. Our 200 Adobe Illustrator Brushes are specifically designed for Illustrators and Cartoonists to speed up their workflow. I have recently added more brushes and updated the Brush Libraries to allow for Pressure Sensitivity to use with your Tablet (tablet not required). *Includes our Tutorial Resources (as a free bonus) to Follow Along with the 100 Beginner Tutorials Playlist on YouTube and 50 Step by Steps on the Website.

Includes 70 Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Brushes specifically designed for Cartoonists and Illustrators who are looking to speed up their workflows. Use Cartoon Illustrator Brushes with the Pen, Pencil or Paint Brush Tools to Apply different Line Variation to your Vector Artwork. Includes 70+ Cartoon Brushes (libraries include the Updated Cartoon, Cartoon 2, and Original Cartoon Brush Libraries).

Includes 100 Hand Painted + Comic Strip Brushes to get a lived in feel back into your Vector Art. Comic Strips and Hand Painted are painted based on some of my favorite artists and cartoonists. These brushes are designed to look ready for the Sunday Paper. Includes 100+ Brushes (libraries include the Updated Comic Strip, Hand-Painted, Paintbrush, and Fine Liner Brush Libraries).

Includes 50 Jittery Hand, Caffeinated Cartoonist + Rough Ink Brushes to Mimic Paper Bleed and Caffeine. Designed to be a little less stiff with your vector art. Use these Brush Libraries to get more of a distressed look or ink bleed back in your own Vector Artwork with heavy ink and a little more wobble. Includes 50+ Brushes (libraries include the updated Caffeinated Cartoonist, Rough Ink, and Jittery Hand Brush Libraries).




Our Brush Libraries will come to you as a Zipped Folder on Teachable. Download and Extract the Brushes Folder before using in Adobe Illustrator. Use our Quick Use Method (no install) or Save your Brush Libraries to User Defined. Saving Brush Libraries to User Defined only takes 1-5 Minutes.

Open Brush Libraries through Other Library Option: Under Window - Select Brushes. In the Brushes Panel Menu, scroll down to Open Brush Library. Click/Hover on it and Select - Other Library. A Normal Open Dialogue Box will Appear and you can Click and Use any of the Brushes Libraries. I recommend 1 Brush Library for a Design to keep the Line Work Consistent. Libraries will have different line qualities to match with the desired design style.

Saving Brush Libraries to User Defined: Open All of the Brushes Libraries in Adobe Illustrator. (File - Open) Under Window - Have your Brushes Panel Open. Click on Each Illustrator Document and Open the Brushes Menu in the Brushes Panel. (Upper Right Hand Corner) Click on Save Brush Library. Default Location = User Defined. Repeat for Each Library. ) I recommend Saving the (Updated) Brush Libraries to User Defined.




ADD ON 70 ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR HALFTONES + PATTERN FILLS. Our Halftones and Patterns Fills are designed for easy application even if you are new to Adobe Illustrator. Halftone Fills behave the same as a Color Swatch so you can apply them quickly using the Blob Brush, Live Paint, or Basic Fills. Simply Paint in Halftones into your own Illustrations and Comics. Halftones include our Comic Strip Halftone Fills, Pattern Fills, and Halftone Value Scales.


ADD ON 400 ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR BMP TEXTURES. Our BMP Textures are extremely easy to use even if you are a beginner to Adobe Illustrator. Simply File-Place the Textures over your finished artwork to use with the Transparency Panel for soft overlays. Use BMP Textures along with Opacity Masks for T-Shirt Distressing. BMP Textures include our 145 Cracks, 120 Grunge Distressing, 75 Paper, and 77 Paint Splatter Textures.