Shape-Based Tutorials are designed to be at the end of our Active Learning Curriculum but you can still follow along as a Beginner looking to combine Text and Shapes within a Logo Design. These are in an Open-Format which are designed for you to add in your own Fonts, Text and Colors in the Template.

  • Find Fonts you Like
  • Match Fonts to Style or Subject
  • Find Fonts that you like from Adobe Fonts or
  • Use your own Words or Text
  • Select your own Swatches from Color Themes

Find More Fonts: The easiest fonts will be coming from Adobe Fonts. The process to Install them is very simple. I do recommend using the desktop or web version so you can navigate and actually see the fonts. Login to your Adobe Creative Cloud or into your Adobe account online. The desktop version will just move you to the web. There are other sites like or where you can download free fonts. Some of the free fonts are intended for personal use so double check the commercial terms. Stick with Adobe Fonts or Google Fonts if you are concerned.

UNIT BLOCKS + 100 LEARNING MODULES: If you are already Enrolled in our Active Learning Curriculum on Teachable, you can sort the 100 Learning Modules by Tool-Based Workflow or Focus in your Enrolled In tab. Type in the Search Bar (find): Pen, Pencil, Blob Brush, Shapes, or Text. The Learning Modules will automatically be arranged from Easiest to more Challenging (per Unit Block).

GETTING STARTED: If you are new to Teachable or looking to Follow Along with our 100 Learning Modules, start with our  GETTING STARTED GUIDE.

FOLLOW ALONG ON TEACHABLE: Many of you are coming over from YouTube and have a sense of our Step by Step Teaching and Follow-Along Format. Over the last year, I have been posting our new Full-Length Adobe Illustrator Tutorials, Challenges, and Tool-Based Workflows to our Adobe Illustrator Active Learning Curriculum on Teachable. If you are looking to Follow Along with our Unit Blocks and 100 Full-Length Adobe Illustrator Learning Modules on Teachable, ENROLL IN OUR ACTIVE LEARNING CURRICULUM.

Our Shape-Based Logos use a lot of Text using the Type Tools. What I am going to recommend during these Tutorials is to use your Own Words, Fonts and Saying to customize the Pro Series Templates. What we are going to do in this Assignment is a Brainstorming Session so you can gather all of the Materials or Words that relate to You and Your Own Artwork.

  • What is your Name, Initials, Name of Business, Name of Blog, Brand or Identity?
  • Name of your Website?
  • What is your Subject? Tag Line? What Do you Do?
  • Established Date? Any Important Numbers?
  • Location? City?
  • Cool Catch Phrases?

Think of a Header, Sub Header and Supporting Text that you can use throughout the Shape + Text Templates. Your goal is to Build out Design Templates that you can use with your own Subject, Text, Fonts and Colors. There are approximately 20 Shape + Text Tutorials in this Unit Block. If you are already Enrolled in our Active Learning Curriculum, you can select any Learning Module.



STEP #1: GET STARTED IN OUR ACTIVE LEARNING CURRICULUM ON TEACHABLE. The first step in our Active Learning Curriculum will be to download our Adobe Illustrator Resource Folders. Download and Extract each folder before selecting a Unit Block or starting on an Individual Learning Module. Our Active Learning Curriculum on Teachable includes our 200 Illustrator Brushes + 400 Textures as a Getting Started Bonus.

STEP #2: SELECT A UNIT BLOCK OR TOOL-BASED WORKFLOW TO START. Unit Blocks are designed to organize our 100 Learning Modules into a Focus or Tool-Based Workflow. Unit Blocks and Tool-Based Workflows are designed to get you Building in Adobe Illustrator Independently by Learning and Applying the Tools. Our Active Learning Curriculum on Teachable includes our Tool-Based Workflows, Unit Blocks and Pro Series.

STEP #3: FOLLOW ALONG TO OUR 100 LEARNING MODULES ON TEACHABLE. There are currently 100+ Full-Length Adobe Illustrator Tutorials, Challenges and Tool-Based Workflows in our Active Learning Curriculum. Each Full-Length Module is in our step by step format. You can Follow Along within a Unit Block or an Individual Learning Module. Our Active Learning Curriculum on Teachable includes 100+ Full-Length Adobe Illustrator Modules.