DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. Many of you are jumping over from YouTube looking to download our Adobe Illustrator Resource Folders. Digital Downloads will come through our friends at Teachable. Download Adobe Illustrator Brush Libraries, Comic Halftones, T-Shirt Textures, or Resource Bundle.

RESOURCE GUIDES. Digital Downloads will come as Zipped Folders. Once you have downloaded and extracted the Resource Folders, they are ready to be used in Adobe Illustrator. Understand how to apply Brush Libraries, Comic Halftones, and T-shirt Textures in Adobe Illustrator.

ILLUSTRATOR TUTORIALS. Our Beginner Tutorials will follow an easy process for creating artwork in Adobe Illustrator. If you are new, it is important to understand the Tools Options and Settings. Tutorials will focus on Building Tools, Applying Brushes, Editing Options, and Basic Coloring Techniques.

70 CARTOON BRUSHES: Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Brushes are my go-to for Professional Logos, Cartoons, Mascots, and Branding. Use Cartoon Illustrator Brushes with the Pen, Pencil or Paint Brush Tools to Apply different Line Variation to your Vector Artwork. 70 Cartoon Brushes includes Updated Cartoon, Cartoon 2, and Original Cartoon Brush Libraries. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: CARTOON BRUSHES

100 COMIC STRIP BRUSHES: Hand Painted and Comic Strip Brushes to get a lived in feel back into your Vector Art. Comic Strips and Hand Painted are painted based on some of my favorite artists and cartoonists. These brushes are designed to look ready for the Sunday Paper. 100 Comic Strip Brushes includes Updated Comic Strip, Hand-Painted, Paintbrush, and Fine Liner Brush Libraries. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: COMIC BRUSHES

50 MASCOT BRUSHES: Jittery Hand, Caffeinated Cartoonist, and Rough Ink Brushes to Mimic Paper Bleed and Caffeine. Designed to be a little less stiff with your vector art. Use these Brush Libraries to get more of a distressed look or ink bleed back in your own Vector Artwork. 50 Mascot Brushes includes Updated Caffeinated Cartoonist, Rough Ink, and Jittery Hand Brush Libraries. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: MASCOT BRUSHES

120 GRUNGE BMP TEXTURES: Grunge Distressing Textures to Apply Opacity Masks to your Own Original Artwork and T-shirt Designs. Use BMP Textures to apply Grunge and Distressing Effects to your Artwork and Designs to use with the Transparency Panel and Opacity Masks for Adobe Illustrator. Great for t-shirt distressing using BMP Textures and Opacity Masks to show the garment color on your Own Original Artwork. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: GRUNGE BMP TEXTURES

75 PAPER + 77 PAINT BMP TEXTURES: Paper and Paint Splatter Textures to use along with the Transparency Panel to create soft texture overlays for your own original artwork. This is great for those of you who are using Textures for Web, Print, and Social Media Sites. Use Textures with a combination of Color Swatches, Transparency, Blending Modes, and Clipping Masks to create a subtle texture overlay on your print or web exports. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: PAPER + PAINT BMP TEXTURES

145 CRACK BMP TEXTURES: Cracks and Distressing Textures to Apply Opacity Masks to your Own Original Artwork and T-shirt Designs. Use BMP Textures to apply Cracks and Distressing Effects to your Artwork and Designs by Applying Opacity or Transparency Masks for Adobe Illustrator. Created for T-Shirt distressing using your own Original Artwork and Opacity Masks to show through to the garment color. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: CRACK BMP TEXTURES

200 ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR BRUSHES: Our Brushes are specifically designed for Illustrators and Cartoonists to speed up their workflow. Brushes Libraries allow for Pressure Sensitivity if you are using a Tablet for Inking your Line Variation. Apply with Pen, Pencil, Shapes, or Paintbrush Tools. Adobe Illustrator Brush Libraries include our 70 Cartoon, 100 Comic Strip, and 50 Vintage Mascot Brushes. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: BRUSHES BUNDLE

70 ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR HALFTONES. Our Halftones and Patterns Fills are designed for easy application even if you are new to Adobe Illustrator. Halftone Fills behave the same as a Color Swatch so you can apply them quickly using the Blob Brush, Live Paint, or Basic Fills. Simply Paint in Halftones into your own Illustrations and Comics. Halftones: 70 Comic Strip Halftone Fills and Pattern Fills. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: COMIC HALFTONES

400 ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR TEXTURES: Our BMP Textures are extremely easy to use even if you are a beginner to Adobe Illustrator. Simply File-Place the Textures over your finished artwork to use with the Transparency Panel for soft overlays. Use BMP Textures along with Opacity Masks for T-Shirt Distressing. BMP Textures include our 145 Cracks, 120 Grunge Distressing, 75 Paper, and 77 Paint Splatter Textures. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: TEXTURES BUNDLE

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