I am going to walk you through my Ease of Use and Logo Approach for the Pen Tool Workflow in our Active Learning Curriculum. For those of you who are new to the Pen Tool it can be frustrating so we do have an easy way of approaching the tool to keep it simple. As you are going through the Learning Modules, compare and contrast to your own artwork.

The main decision when choosing the Pen Tool Workflow is Control over your Anchor Points:

  • Great for Professional Logos and Designs
  • Best for Controlling or Limiting the Amount Anchors Points
  • Great for High Control using Symmetrical Designs for Logos.
  • Use with Snap to Point or Grid for Geometric Designs
  • Apply Pen Tool in Workflow using 2 Step and Logo Approach
  • Understand how to Apply the Pen Tool to Logos, Photos and Text Designs
  • Combine with Shapes and Curvature Tool

HOW TO START ON A UNIT BLOCK: Our 100 Modules are organized into (6) Unit Blocks based on the Primary Building Tool or Tool-Based Workflow. Once you are Enrolled in our Active Learning Curriculum, you can sort the 100 Learning Modules by Tool-Based Workflow in your Enrolled In tab on Teachable. Type in the Search Bar (find): Pen Tool, Pencil, Blob Brush, Shapes, or Text. The Learning Modules will automatically be arranged from Easiest to more Challenging (per Unit Block).

HOW TO FOLLOW ALONG: Once you have Downloaded + Extracted the Active Learning Resource Folders, switch Teachable (Video Instruction) to a 2nd Device, Mobile Phone, or Teachable App to Follow Along. This will prevent pausing and toggling back and forth from the video to the program. This will also keep Adobe Illustrator Full Screen on your computer.

There are quite a few different types of Pen Tool Tutorials, Challenges, and Workflows on Teachable. If you are looking to start with the Pen Tool, I would start at the top of the list. Thumbnails on Teachable are organized from Easiest to more Challenging. Some of our newer Tutorials will be going off of a Photo or using the Pen Tool for Text-Based Designs.

We do have Pen Tool Tutorials in the Advanced Coloring, Text, and the Logos so you can approach different subject matter and design elements. If you are ready for the next step, bring in your own photos to start building in Adobe Illustrator using the Pen Tool and the Pro Series Designs. Start with the Skull, Chicken, Buffalo and Seagull to go off of a Photo and proceed to the Pro Series Design.

Unit Block Focus:

  • Focus on Control and Placement your Anchor Points.
  • Modify and adjust your Curves using the Pen Tool, Anchor Point Tool, and Direct Selection Tool.

Enroll in our ACTIVE LEARNING (100 LEARNING MODULES) to follow along with our Tutorials, Challenges, and Workflows on Teachable.