100 LEARNING MODULES + UNIT BLOCKS: Our Adobe Illustrator Active Learning Curriculum on Teachable includes all of our 100 Full-Length Learning Modules. Our Unit Block Pages are just a simple way to organize the Learning Modules by their Primary Building Tool (Tool-Based Workflows).

LEARNING MODULES: You will have access to all of the 100 Learning Modules on Teachable. Some of you will choose a 1x a Day Module Path. Choose any of the Tutorials, Challenges, or Workflows that looks like the most amount of fun. If you are already Enrolled in Active Learning, Click on your Enrolled In tab to select any Learning Module.

UNIT BLOCKS: Each of our 6 Unit Blocks contains between 9-15+ Hours of Learning Modules. Stay within a Unit Block for approximately 2 Weeks (shorter if you do more modules per day). The main goal is to be independently building within the Workflow before moving on to the next Unit Block.

PRO SERIES: Our Pro Series Design and Text Blocks are in an Open Format so you can build out Your Own Templates. I do recommend using your own text, fonts and artwork when going through the Design Tutorials.

UNIT BLOCKS: If you are already Enrolled in our Active Learning Curriculum, you can search the 100 Learning Modules by Tool-Based Workflow, Unit Block or Focus in your Enrolled In tab. Type in the Search Bar (find): Pen, Pencil, Blob Brush, Shapes, or Text. The Learning Modules will automatically be arranged from Easiest to more Challenging (per Unit Block).

DRAWING FOCUS: A lot of our newer Tutorials, Challenges and Workflows have a Drawing for Illustrator Lesson to incorporate the Full-Workflow starting from the Drawing Step. Start on the Drawing for Illustrator Lessons after you have completed our Getting Started Guide or have completed some of our step by Step Tutorials and are ready to incorporate more of your own drawings into the Tutorials.

PEN TOOL FOCUS: The nice part of the Pen Tool Workflow is it is it have a high level of control over your Anchor Points but it can be frustrating as a beginner. Go through both methods of applying the Pen Tool and compare and contrast to your own artwork. Start on the Pen Tool Modules if you do not have a Tablet or if you are going to do more Professional Logo Based Vector Artwork.

TABLET-BASED FOCUS: The Pencil Tool is my go to tool for the Tablet and brand new users to Adobe Illustrator. It allows for speed, but also offers more control than Pressure Settings. I would start on the Pencil Tool Workflows if you are new to Adobe Illustrator and have a Tablet. Our Tablet Tutorials are very popular on YouTube so many of you will already have a Tablet to start.

TABLET-BASED PRESSURE FOCUS: We are focusing on our Tablet Series with our Pressure Tools in Adobe Illustrator. Our Pressure Workflow works best for a hand drawn look or cartoon style to a design. Start on the Pressure Workflows if you have a Tablet and are looking to use your Pressure Settings within your Workflow in Adobe Illustrator.

TEXT-BASED DESIGN FOCUS: Most of our attention will be in the Appearance Panel and Layering multiple effects for our Text Based Designs. There are some using Pen Tool Construction while others use Fonts as the Tutorial Resource. Our Text-Based Designs are in an Open Format to Use Your Own Fonts, Colors and Text. Start on the Type and Text Tool after you have completed the Pen or Pencil Tool Workflows.

SHAPE-BASED DESIGN FOCUS: We will be still building out in a Step by Step Format, however our Shape-Based Designs are in an Open Format or Template Building Format to add in your Own Fonts, Text and Colors. Our Shape-Based Tutorials are designed to be at the end of the Workflow Units so you can use your own artwork to insert into the Logos and Shape Based Designs.