FOCUS: The nice part of the Pen Tool Workflow is it is it have a high level of control, but there are some little hacks if you know how to use the tools together. As you are going through the Workflows, compare and contrast to your own artwork so you can start to select the coloring and value methods that best match your own design style. VIEW PEN TOOL WORKLFOWS


FOCUS: We are focusing on our Tablet Series with the Blob Brush and Pencil Tools. The Pencil Tool is my go to tool for the Tablet. It allows for speed, but also offers more control than the Blob Brush which we will use along with the Tablet Pressure Settings. As you Advance through the Modules play around with the Speed and the Efficiency Model. VIEW TABLET BASED WORKFLOWS


FOCUS: We will be still building out in a Step by Step Format for those of you who are new to Building and using the Shape and Type Tools. Most of our attention will be in the Appearance Panel and Layering multiple effects on top of each other to get professional results. VIEW TEXT + DESIGN TUTORIALS