There is a lot of interest in using your Tablet along with Pressure in our Adobe Illustrator in our Active Learning Curriculum. We are focusing on our Tablet Series with adding Pressure. The Pressure Tools will allow for speed in a workflow since it will combine multiple steps together. For those of you who have a Tablet, I would recommend starting with the Pencil Tool to learn Adobe Illustrator before adding on pressure. If you like the idea of adding pressure it will take some time to work through speed, efficiency and quality.

  • Need Tablet to Follow Along
  • Great Hand Drawn Style
  • Best Use of Efficiency
  • Easy to Learn but takes some time to align Quality to Efficiency
  • Follow Along using Tablet
  • Understand Sequence of Events
  • Focus on Control while Getting Faster in the Workflow
  • Test out different Brush Options until your Brush Aligns to your normal inking style.

HOW TO START ON A UNIT BLOCK: Our 100 Modules are organized into (6) Unit Blocks based on the Primary Building Tool or Tool-Based Workflow. Once you are Enrolled in our Active Learning Curriculum, you can sort the 100 Learning Modules by Tool-Based Workflow in your Enrolled In tab on Teachable. Type in the Search Bar (find): Pen Tool, Pencil, Blob Brush, Shapes, or Text. The Learning Modules will automatically be arranged from Easiest to more Challenging (per Unit Block).

HOW TO FOLLOW ALONG: Once you have Downloaded + Extracted the Active Learning Resource Folders, switch Teachable (Video Instruction) to a 2nd Device, Mobile Phone, or Teachable App to Follow Along. This will prevent pausing and toggling back and forth from the video to the program. This will also keep Adobe Illustrator Full Screen on your computer.

Unit Block Focus:

  • Use the Blob Brush or Paint Brush Tools to add on Pressure to your Workflow.
  • Focus on your own hand movement using your Tablet to reduce the amount of times you click Undo.
  • Pressure will take more time on your end to understand the Pressure and Brushes Settings to get your desired result.
  • Use the Modules to Learn the Workflow and select the process you like the best for Adding Colors, Values, and Effects.

You can also change any other Tutorial to a Pressure Workflow with the Tablet Friendly Guides if you need more Practice. (I would personally Modify the Advanced Coloring Tutorials to Pressure)

*Follow Along to our Tablet Set Up Guide in our Getting Started Guide to modify your settings for Pressure in Adobe Illustrator.

*If you have a brand new tablet, make sure you have followed the Tablet Install Instructions from the Manufacturer before starting with the Pressure Modules.

Enroll in our ACTIVE LEARNING (100 LEARNING MODULES) to follow along with our Tutorials, Challenges, and Workflows on Teachable.

*Make sure you have Enabled Wacom or your Tablet under your Preferences - Devices.