Active Learning is for those of you who like to “Learn by Doing.” This is all Teaching 101, the more you apply what you just learned, the more you will remember it.

Problem: I might be like a lot like you. I started from Adobe Photoshop and was looking to move into to Adobe Illustrator. I am sure I don’t have to say this, but it was really frustrating and aggravating to learn.

Solution: The process of learning the program seems like it should be an easy one. Over the years we have come up with a really easy system and workflow to follow along and learn to get rid of all of the beginner learning curve. Our Linear Workflow Model is really easy to Learn, and we have modified to make it even easier with our Tool-Based Workflows.

We have 100+ Step by Step Tutorials, Challenges + Workflows including our Pro Series and Portfolio Builders. So when we started building out our little Illustrator Vault. The idea was to give enough follow along step by steps for a beginner, but leave enough in an open-format as you advance through the tutorials.


The goal of our Step by Step Classroom Series, Challenges and Workflows is to give you structured learning environment to practice Adobe Illustrator. We have several Unit Blocks or Curriculum Paths established to Learn Adobe Illustrator in our Linear Workflow Model.


Premium Plus is our Active Learning Course Content (step by steps) that follows along to our Linear Workflow Model. We have streamlined the learning process even more by separating out into Tool-Based Workflows. This is designed to get you learning and advancing through our Growth Models.


We have Drawing for Illustrator, Pro Series and Portfolio Builders at the backed of the curriculum so you can start adding you own subject, style and artwork. This step can be added on earlier if you have already gone through the Beginner Guide, Tutorials or Challenges.


History Lesson: When creating our little Tutorial Vault the Challenge Series were the most popular format on YouTube, so it started as a way to do nothing but longer format step by step tutorials for beginners.

Linear Workflow Model: While we were talking about Challenges, I thought it would be fun to just teach you my workflow in the process. So we have close to 50 in our Linear Workflow Format. View Clickable Thumbnails.

Problem: Not all of you like cartoons. I get it, so the goal of our Tool-Based Workflows is for you to Practice the Tools and Options so you can apply the concepts to your own artwork. Each of the Workflows aims to be around an hour so you have plenty of time for the rest of the day to apply the concepts to your own artwork or follow along with our Growth Models + Learning Targets when you are ready.


FOCUS: We are all about our Tablet Tutorials. We are kicking off with the Blob Brush. One of our most popular tutorials on YouTube is the Hippo. So we want to add on and show you my actual workflow.


FOCUS: We are continuing our Tablet Series by focusing in on the Pencil Tool this month. The Pencil Tool is my go to tool for the Tablet. It allows for speed, but also offers a lot more control than the Blob Brush.


FOCUS: A lot of our older content has actually covered the Pen Tool basics. So hopefully you are a master at your Anchor Points and how to apply them.


Learning Targets: a lot of what happened over the last few months has pushed the curriculum towards adults looking to learn quickly and build toward their own portfolios and websites.

Open Formats: I have added on close to 30 Lessons on Drawing for Illustrator or Starting from a photo so you can be building your own artwork while you are learning the program. We have all of the resources to follow along, so if you are freaking out you can relax and follow along with me.

Growth Models + Time in Program: We have 100 Tutorials, Challenges and Workflows in the Tutorial Vault and between 9-15 Hours per Tool-Based Workflow (5). The goal with the Growth Models is to give you the next steps in the process, which is just inserting your own artwork, drawing or trace.

Pro Series + Portfolio Builders: Think of each tool-Based Workflow as a Unit Block. When you are done with the Unit, I would immediately start pumping out portfolio pieces using the tools, options and techniques shown in the tutorials.


FOCUS: As you feel more comfortable in a Workflow, I encourage you to follow along with our Drawing for Illustrator Lessons or start from your own drawing.


FOCUS: We are hitting up some text and effects this month with the Type and Text Effects. Most of our attention will be in the Appearance Panel and Layering multiple effects on top of each other to get professional results.


FOCUS: We are hitting up some Badge Logos to start putting all of the components together. We are going to be building out some templates you can use with your own artwork.