STEP #1: DOWNLOAD OUR ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR RESOURCE BUNDLE. Many of you are coming over from YouTube looking to download our Adobe Illustrator 200 Brushes and 400 Textures. Our Resource Bundle includes our (updated) Brushes and Pressure Libraries along with (new) Texture Bundle for Adobe Illustrator. Follow Along to the 100 Beginner Tutorials Playlist or use with your own vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator.

Download Brushes + Resources to Follow Along on YouTube

STEP #2: EXTRACT FOLDERS + SAVE BRUSHES. Our Resource Folders will come to you as a Zipped Folder. Extract the Brushes, Textures and Tutorial Resource Folders. I do recommend going through our Resource Guides on Teachable to go through how to Use Illustrator Brushes, Pattern Swatches and BMP Textures.

STEP #3: FOLLOW ALONG ON YOUTUBE OR WEBSITE. I have included the Anchor Point and Tablet Friendly Guides (as a Free Bonus) with our Adobe Illustrator Resources for our 50 Step by Steps on the Website or 100 Beginner Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Playlist on YouTube. These tutorials will cover the Basics of the Adobe Illustrator Tools, Editing Options, Applying Brushes, and How to Color using Live Paint. 

360 ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR TEXTURES: Our 360 BMP Texture Files are designed as Global Patterns to use with Transparency, Blending Modes and Layers Masks in Adobe Illustrator. Simply File - Place in Textures to use in Illustrator. You can use our Textures with Transparency Masks for T-Shirt Distressing using your own artwork. Follow Along to the Getting Started Guide to Learn How to Place, Color BMP's and use Opacity Masks.

200+ ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR BRUSHES: Our Brush Libraries are specifically designed for Illustrators and Cartoonists to speed up their Workflows. Brush Libraries Includes our Cartoon Brushes, Jittery Hand, Caffeinated Cartoonist and Hand-Painted Brushes. Once the Folder has been Extracted, the Brushes are Ready for Illustrator. Follow Along to the Getting Started Guide to Learn How to Save Brushes to User Defined.

50 ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR PATTERN FILLS: Pattern Fills are really fun, they are as easy as clicking on a Color Swatch Simply copy + paste them in to your artboard and they will automatically populate into your Swatches. Use for Spot Textures such as comic strip halftone patterns using Live Paint or Blob Brush. Follow Along to the Getting Started Guide to Learn How to Use Pattern Fills with Blob Brush and Live Paint Bucket.

Download our Tutorial Resource Folder. I have included Anchor Point and Tablet Friendly Guides (as a Free Bonus) with our Adobe Illustrator Brushes + Textures to Follow Along with the 50 Step by Steps on the Webpage or 100 Beginner Tutorials Playlist on YouTube.

Download + Extract Folder. The Tutorial Resources will be in a separate folder than your (updated) 200 Illustrator Brushes. Download the same way and Extract All. I do recommend remembering the location of the folder so you can get back to it during the Tutorials or Challenges.

Follow Along on YouTube or the Website. There are 2 locations for the same content. You can follow along on the website with our 50 Step by Steps or on YouTube to our 100 Beginner Tutorials Playlist. Many of you are watching on YouTube or the YouTube App. The Playlists will focus on the Building Tools, Editing Options, and Basic Coloring Techniques in Adobe Illustrator. Playlists and Webpages are arranged from easiest to more challenging.

Brushes 101, Textures 101 + Challenges. I do recommend going through our Resource Guides on Teachable to learn how to apply and edit the Adobe Illustrator Brushes and Textures.

Getting Started Bonus: Our Adobe Illustrator Resource Bundle (200 Brushes and 400 Textures) is included in our Active Learning Curriculum on Teachable. You can add on our 100 Full-Length Learning Modules to your Illustrator Resource Bundle or ignore the bonus to Follow Along on YouTube.

Easy to Use Textures in Adobe Illustrator: Most of the Textures are BMP Files (360) to Place into your Artboard for a Global Texture (compared to our Swatches and Pattern Fills for Spot Textures.) All you need to do is File - Place and Select the BMP Texture from the Folder to use in Adobe Illustrator.

Download 400 Textures (No Brushes): $39

Easy Color Change: Coloring your BMP Textures is as simple as Clicking on a Color Swatch. Use your Textures and Color Swatches to Blend Textures into your background color.

Easy Blending Modes + Transparency: Textures are in Black and White, most if not all of the time the desired look will be more subtle. Use your Blending Modes and Opacity Slider (in your Transparency Panel) to Adjust the Textures to the desired look.

Using Opacity Masks with BMP Textures: Opacity Masks are in your Transparency Panel. This will be used a lot in T-Shirt Designs for Distressing. Using BMP Textures and Opacity Masks is as simple as clicking on the Make Mask button in your Transparency Panel. Follow Along to our Getting Started Guide for Video Instructions on Opacity Masks, Transparency and Pattern Fills..

(New) 400 Texture Packs, BMP Textures, and Pattern Fills for Adobe Illustrator. Most of the Files are designed as Global Patterns to use with your Color Swatches or Layers Masks. Use BMP Textures along with your Finished Artwork. If you are new to using BMP Files in Adobe Illustrator, they are extremely easy to use. Follow Along to the Getting Started Guide to change BMP Textures using Color Swatches.

Use BMP Textures to Apply for print using your Document Swatches to recolor the Textures. Combine Adobe Illustrator Textures along with your Color Swatches, Layer Blending Modes, and Transparency Slider for more subtle Paper and Paint Textures with your Own Artwork as you export to Instagram and your Portfolio. Follow Along to the Getting Started Guide to change BMP Textures using Blending Modes and Transparency.

Includes Cracks, Stone and Textures and Pattern Fills to Apply to your Own Artwork and Designs. Use BMP Textures to apply Grunge and Distressing Effects to your Artwork and Designs by Applying simple Transparency Masks for Adobe Illustrator. Great for T-Shirts & Products using your Own Original Artwork. Follow Along to the Getting Started Guide to use BMP Textures and Opacity Masks.

Download our Brushes + Resources to Follow Along on YouTube or the Website: The First Step will be the same as Above. Download and Extract the Brushes Folder Zip. Make sure the Brushes Folder has been Extracted before moving on to our Quick Use Method or Saving as User Defined. Follow Along to our Getting Started Guide to Save Brushes, Apply and Edit in Adobe Illustrator.

Download 200 Brushes + Resources (No Textures) $19

Quick Use: Open Brush Libraries through Other Library Option. Under Window -Select Brushes. In the Bottom-Left Corner you will see an Open Brush Library Icon. (It will look like a stack of books) Click on it and Select - Other Library. A Normal Open Dialogue Box will Appear and you can Click and Use any of the Brushes Libraries. I recommend 1 Brush Library for a Design to keep the Line Work Consistent.

Saving Brush Libraries to User Defined: Open All of the Brushes Libraries in Adobe Illustrator. (File - Open) Under Window - Have your Brushes Panel Open. Click on Each Illustrator Document and Open the Brushes Menu in the Brushes Panel. (Upper Right Hand Corner) Click on Save Brush Library. Default Location = User Defined. Repeat for Each Library

(Updated) Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Brushes specifically designed for Cartoonists and Illustrators who are looking to speed up their workflows. Use Cartoon Illustrator Brushes with the Pen, Pencil or Paint Brush Tools to Apply different Line Variation to your Vector Artwork. Includes 70+ Cartoon Brushes (libraries include the Updated Cartoon, Cartoon 2, and Original Cartoon Brush Libraries).

Includes Hand Painted + Comic Strip Sets to get a lived in feel back into your Vector Art. Comic Strips and Hand Painted are painted based on some of my favorite artists and cartoonists. These brushes are designed to look ready for the Sunday Paper. Includes 100+ Brushes (libraries include the Updated Comic Strip, Hand-Painted, Paintbrush, and Fine Liner Brush Libraries).

Jittery Hand, Caffeinated Cartoonist + Rough Ink to Mimic Paper Bleed and Caffeine. Designed to be a little less stiff with your vector art. Use these Brush Libraries to get more of a distressed look or ink bleed back in your own Vector Artwork with heavy ink and a little more wobble. Includes 50+ Brushes (libraries include the updated Caffeinated Cartoonist, Rough Ink, and Jittery Hand Brush Libraries).