If you are a fan of our YouTube Channel, I have been posting our new Full-Length Adobe Illustrator Tutorials, Challenges, and Workflows on Teachable. What we are going to do in our Getting Started Guide is catch you up on How to Select a Unit Block, and Follow Along with our 100 Full-Length Learning Modules on Teachable*. 

WHO IS ACTIVE LEARNING FOR?  If you are a fan of our Tutorials and YouTube Channel, our Full-Length Learning Modules on Teachable are in a similar follow-along format (Active Learning). This curriculum is designed for those of you who like our Step-by-Step Process or like to "Learn by Doing." Follow Along to our 100 Full-Length Adobe Illustrator Learning Modules on Teachable.

WHAT IS OUR WORKFLOW MODEL? A Tool-Based Workflow is my favorite way to teach Adobe Illustrator since it Builds in the Sequence and Order of Events. Practice using the Tools, Options, and Settings in Adobe Illustrator as you are going through the Learning Modules on Teachable. We have different Unit Blocks (below) to focus on each Tool-Based Workflow or Primary Building Tool.

WHAT IS A LEARNING MODULE? If you are familiar with our YouTube Channel or Playlists, the video instruction is recorded in a the same follow along format. I have organized the 100 Full-Length Learning Modules based on the Primary Building Tool: Pen, Pencil, Pressure, Type, or Shapes. The Learning Modules are organized by easiest to more challenging (by Workflow).

WHAT ARE TOOL-BASED WORKFLOWS? Our 100 Learning Modules are organized by the Primary Building Tool or Tool-Based Workflow. The focus is on the Tool and Options that work together in Adobe Illustrator. This is an easy way to approach program management so you can see how to build using Tools within a specific Workflow. 

HOW TO FOLLOW ALONG WITH LEARNING MODULES? If you are familiar with our YouTube Channel, Learning Modules are recorded in a similar follow-along or step-by-step format. If you are new to Teachable, there are different types of Learning Modules that will help you progress through the program from our Workflows, Challenges, and Pro Series Tutorials. Each Learning Module is labeled and will progress from easiest to more challenging (per Unit Block).

(WORKFLOWS) BEGINNER: If you are new to Adobe Illustrator, start with our longer formatted Workflow Learning Modules. These modules are designed for new users to Adobe Illustrator to practice and apply the tools within each Tool-Based Workflow.

(CHALLENGES) INTERMEDIATE: We will still be building within the workflow, but our Challenges will spend more time on adding color, values, and effects. I recommend following along and completing a few Workflow Modules before starting on a Challenge.

(PRO SERIES) TUTORIALS: Our Pro Series Design and Text Tutorials will start from a Blank Artboard. These Tutorials are designed for you to add in your own text, fonts, and artwork. Pro Series Tutorials are shorter in length and are designed to go after Pen, Pencil, or Pressure Modules.